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Ohio Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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PolyRenewal Lift in Bedford

This Bedford homeowner called for a free estimate after noticing the driveway wasn't level with the patio. Ohio Basement Systems was able to lift the patio, reducing trip hazards.

PolyRenewal in Medina

This Medina homeowner came to us for help with a porch that sunk. It had been mud jacked once before, but as you can see, the weight of the material used by another company didn't hold. Chad went out to do a free estimate and shortly after, Ryan and crew went to work saving her porch. You can see the difference in the pictures. From an unsafe porch with tripping hazards to a beautiful, smooth walkway.

Foundation Save in Canfield, OH

This 1968 Canfield home was developing cracks in the foundation. Which can let in rain water and snow melt. In these photos, you can see the cracks in the walls and the Intellibraces that were installed to keep any more damage from occurring.

Waterproofing in University Hts., OH

This University Hts. home experienced some water seepage during rain fall and snow melt. The homeowner contacted Ohio Basement Systems for his free estimate. Our reps and install crew took care of the rest. A new SafeDri™ Super Sump as well as LumaBright™ and BasementGutter™. In these photos you can see the complete difference in the appearance of the basement. Featured in the after picture: 1. SafeDri™ Super 2. BasementGutter™ 3. LumaBright™.

Foundation Walls Bowing in Bay Village, OH

This home in Akron is about 60 years old. The owner noticed the walls shifting and becoming more and more bowed. Before it got any worse, he called Ohio Basement Systems to get a free estimate. Alan recommended IntelliBraces to keep the walls in place. Matt had them installed in no time.
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